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February Tech Tip from Willamette Valley Hops' Product Technical Specialist: Paul M. Allard.

In every issue of the new Willamette Valley Hops monthly newsletter, The Hop Messenger, we will feature a tasty brewing tip from our Hop Product Technical Specialist. Here's one to get you started. Check your inbox next month for a new one! "Incognito™ is 100% hops, and zero vegetative material. We have helped many craft brewers to introduce it to the whirlpool. Brewers report a significant increase in wort yield and easier cleanup than hop pellets or cryo. Incognito™ performs well over a large temperature range and produces great flavor and profits. Typical dosing is 59-235 grams/bbl. Give me a call and we can discuss your specific application." - Paul M. Allard

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